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  • Therapy Intensives

    Therapy Intensives are for anyone wanting to go deeper, heal faster and find relief quickly! 

    What is a Therapy Intensive?  

    It is a 2-hour therapy session.  The style of therapy used during an intensive is not the same as a typical ‘talk therapy’ session.  The style of therapy used is called Accelerated Resolution Therapy, an eye movement therapy.  

    Who can be helped?  

    Anyone struggling with a single traumatic event or multiple layers of traumatic events in your life.  It is similar to peeling off layers of wallpaper…oftentimes we’ll work on a recent event and then dig deeper to work on old wounds that come up.  

    This can show up as not being able to fall asleep at night because you can’t turn your mind off, you’re struggling in your relationships, you feel stressed all of the time, you feel “stuck”, you don’t feel good about yourself, or you have a difficult time making decisions.  

    Why should I do this?  

    • We accomplish A LOT in a short amount of time, allowing you to feel better within hours and not months. 
    • You’re not finding the results you want in your regular therapy sessions.  
    • You want to ‘work through it’ and move on…treatment can be shorter in the long run by engaging in Therapy Intensives, saving both time and money.  

    What if I already have a therapist?  

    Not a problem. Therapy Intensives can compliment the current work you’re doing with your therapist.  Wellness Counseling Studio will work with your therapist to support you in the work you’re doing.  

    How much does it cost?  

    Three session Package:  

    • 45 minute appointment to gather all the information I need so we can hit the ground running on the day of the intensive (this can be virtual or in person)
    • 2 hour Therapy Intensive to work on your goals and get you some relief! 
    • 45 minute follow up to support you on your journey, answer all the questions you have and set you up with a customized plan moving forward (this can be virtual or in person)
    • Cost:  $575

    Ready to get started?  

      Request a FREE 15 minute consult to see if an intensive would be the best fit!  


    Not ready for a Therapy Intensive?  Wellness Counseling Studio also offers weekly therapy sessions.  Request a FREE 15 minute consult!  CLICK HERE