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  • Marriage Counseling

    Congratulations on choosing to make the best investment you will ever make…an investment in your marriage!    

    Does any of this sound familiar?   

    • We can’t agree on anything

    • Everything turns into a fight or argument

    • He doesn’t listen to me  

    • She won’t quit nagging… 

    • He doesn’t help me around the house

    • She won’t quit nagging… 

    We aren’t born knowing how to communicate with our spouse and I’m guessing the thing that attracted you to your spouse wasn’t their “great communication”…but now it’s time to get it figured out.  

    So here’s the deal….the goal isn’t to get your spouse to agree with you on everything (even though we know your opinion is the right one 😉 ) …the goal is to help each of you learn how to LISTEN to each other, TALK to each other without it turning into a giant FIGHT, and FALL IN LOVE with each other again.  

    You want your marriage to be FUN, you want your spouse to be your BEST FRIEND, and you want to be able to DREAM about a beautiful future TOGETHER.  

    During your counseling sessions we will be tackling some big issues or “sticking points” in your marriage and will also be weaving in some laughter (counseling doesn’t need to be painful).  

    The method I use for marriage counseling is a researched based style called the Gottman Method and is set up in a structured format so that we can get to the root of the problem and provide you with some great skills moving forward. 

    This is for you if:  

    • You want to be able to connect with your spouse

    • You are motivated to put in the time and energy 

    • You are willing to fill out some questionnaires in the beginning (men, I’m talking to you- your wife can’t help with this)  

    This is NOT for you if:  

    • You are on the brink of divorce and your attorney is already programmed into your phone

    • There is any Domestic Violence – #

    • Either partner is experiencing Suicidal Thoughts or has a plan to harm themselves or others- Call or text the suicide & crisis lifeline at:  988

    • There is an ongoing affair

    The format for sessions looks like this:

    • Initial 90 minute joint session to answer all the questions you have, identify your goals and gather all the information I need so I can support you on your journey

    • Two separate 45 minute individual sessions 

    • Online assessments 

    • 90 minute joint session to summarize all of the information gathered and set you up with a customized plan moving forward. 

    I’m not able to use insurance for these sessions, as there will not be a diagnosis or an “identified patient”. You are able to use your HSA card or flex spending account as long as a diagnosis isn’t required.

    An investment in your marriage is the best investment you will ever make…and it’s a LOT cheaper than a divorce.  

    Please reach out with any questions or to set up your initial appointment.